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My Cat is a Dick

Shredded toilet paper roll.I'm not a big fan of cats. I guess you could say I'm a dog person--at least in so much as I had one growing up--but cats? Meh.

Why, you ask? News flash: They're dicks. They spite-shit in your bed when you're away on vacation, they scratch up your furniture just cuz they can, etc., etc., etc. Dicks. You know it, I know it, cat owners know it.

Want proof? Check mycatisadick.com, a hilarious collection of photos and videos of cats dicking over their owners. (This feline photo bomb is my personal favorite.)

Now, I won't say I'm converted, but after spending more time than I should probably admit to on the site this morning surveying the kitty carnage, I will concede, even dicks can be pretty darn cute.

Posted by Beth Maher
2011-06-17, 11:53:20