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1. Rockin' Road Trip Music
2. Awesome Road Trips for Couples
3. Car Insurance Tricks
4. Car Buying for Two
5. 2's Road Trip Playlist
6. Save on Gas!
7. Get Your Drive On!
8. WATCH: Husband Takes Terrified Wife For Spin Around Daytona
9. What Kind of Driver Are You?
10. How to Give Driving Directions
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Auto Links & Resources
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1 Autoextremist.com
An automotive consulting site that pitches itself as "the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth," offering up a host of scathing but surprisingly well-informed rants on cars and motor sports.
2 CanadianDriver
This is a solid all-purpose tracker of the latest in the Canadian car scene. Includes regularly updated reviews by some of the top names in the business, plus a huge, searchable Canadian web directory.
3 CarCostCanada.com
This is one of the few sites around where Canada-specific dealer-invoice costs are available—a major bargaining chip to have when you're ready to buy at the dealer. It charges $40 for five quotes.
4 InsuranceHotline.com
Here's a handy site to judge if you're being overcharged for car insurance and to see what itíll cost to insure prospective cars. After all, why focus on haggling the price of a car to death when there's also the cost of actually putting it on the road to consider?